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Excellent builders are hard to find! That’s why we are committed to taking great care and pride when transforming our customers’ homes, using our expertise, passion and craftsmanship.

Our friendly team will work with you one-on-one, to ensure that your home renovation project is completed to your satisfaction.  

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1. Vision

We start by listening to and working with your vision.

We do this by surveying your house and listening to your ideas. As we go through this step, we can also share some of our suggestions and best practices with you and present you with  some possible solutions, as we want to make sure that you’ll enjoy your newly refurbished home, and you will enjoy living there with your family.

2. Design

We can design your home for you, or you can have it designed by your designers. Once we have the design in place, it’s easier to see all the options, and envision the final look. The more detailed design the better. It will then help us in the cost calculation process.

3. Costing

We recommend to cost the project only once we have a full design in place. Whether you’re planning a new bathroom, full house refurbishment or double extension with loft conversion and refurbishment – it’s much quicker to price it precisely for you that way, so you know what budget is required.

4. Detailed Plan

We can always change the design and recalculate the costs of the project. And you can always change your mind, and tweak the design, once you’re aware of the budget and the full scope. We will work with you on the details of the project, to make sure we have the full scope and plan in place, to make the whole process efficient, hassle-free and to stick within the budget.

5. Let's Do The Work

It is the most exciting part of the project for us and also can be quite stressful.

That’s why we’ll be keeping you updated about the progress, and how to keep project on track in order to complete on time and within the budget. We’ll be working with an architect, structural engineer, building control and also your suppliers, so you can plan ahead the move into your new home. Our project manager will be working with you all the time and answering all your questions.

6. Enjoy your Home

After we finish all the works and pack our tools, we’ll go through how everything works and how to best maintain your new home.

If there is any snagging list at the end – we will resolve all of them as soon as possible and at the time convenient for you. Should you have any questions after project completion, we’ll be available to you, should you wish to contact us. And once you are satisfied with your home makeover – we know we’ve done a good job.

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